New Look to Report Card

The School District has been piloting a new report card and reporting schedule since 2017 and this year Silver Creek will be joining the rest of the district. The report card will be sent home Friday February 1 and will include information on academic, social and emotional development. Letter grades will not be used but replaced with a 4 point assessment scale.  The report card will include the goal that was developed by the student, parent and teacher in November as well as comments specific to each student.

Cross Country Skiing

Students in Mrs. Klassen’s class will be trying out the brand new cross country skis this month with practices and lessons at the school and at Larch Hills. Thanks to our PAC for additional equipment and the Larch Hills Nordic Society for the ski grant. Skiing at Larch Hills will be on Mondays beginning January 14, 21, and 28. We will be looking for parent drivers for these sessions.  Friday February 1 is the Pirate Loppet where students from across the school district participate in a fun filled day of racing and dressing up as pirates. Permission forms and more information will be coming home with students in grade 3-4-5.

two man hiking on snow mountain
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November 20 is our first Student-Parent-Teacher Goal setting and Progress Conference

Our school district is piloting a renewed reporting format and one of the changes involves a formal meeting where the student, parent and teacher meet to discuss current progress and develop a goal with specific ways to meet the goal. The goal will be the main focus for the student and will be frequently referred to and modified as the year progresses.

An interview time request form is coming home this week so please choose a time to meet as a three way team.  The school district is interested in your feedback so after the conferences a survey link will be sent to our families requesting feedback.

The new reporting schedule is outlined below:

September 27  Interim Reports/parent teacher interviews

November 20-Report #1 Goal Setting Conference (2-hour early dismissal)

February 1- Report #2 Report Card

April 18 Interim Reports/Student Led Conferences

June 27- Report #3 Report card