Thursday, September 10-First Day of School

School will begin for students a little later this year and their first full day will be Thursday September 10. Staff will be meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday to go over site safety plans and prepare their classrooms for the new protocols due to Covid-19. Buses will be running as usual. School begins with a warning bell at 7:55 and  dismissal will be 2:02.

Families have different views about returning to regular face to face instruction and some families may wish to keep their child home for a while to see what  happens with the pandemic. There are a few more options available. Please read information from Superintendent, Peter Jory.

Parents are always encouraged to have their students attend their neighbourhood school. Extensive planning has gone into making our school safe in this context, and this is by far the richest environment for most students to develop their academic and social skills. Please reach out to us if you would like to know more about what our school will look like for your child this September. We recognize that while most parents agree that attending their neighbourhood school in person is the best option, some have indicated that they are still nervous about sending their students to us on opening day. The Ministry of Education has temporarily softened our standard enrollment process to support families who wish to delay their start by a number of weeks but still retain their child’s seat in class. Again, reach out to us for more information on our new “Soft Start” option. A number of parents have also indicated that they would like to register their students in an online program. While we are reopening our Kindergarten through grade eight program, note that once you have registered with our Education Online Program (EOP) or with another education provider, your student’s return to our school will be dependent on available seats, and may be delayed until the following school year as a result. As our staffing model is dependent on student registration, students departing a school for other options may also cause the number of available seats in our school to be reduced. Some students in grades ten through twelve have indicated an interest in enrolling in a combination of online and in-person schoolings. This practice has been permitted in the past and will continue to be an option in our current context. However, students in Kindergarten through grade nine will have to choose between online or in-person schooling and participate in that program full-time, and the same goes for families who pursue a Homeschool option. If you have learned everything you need to know about online learning and still wish to register, please let us know about your decision and we will support you with next steps. If you wish to know more about our district EOP, please contact the program principal Mr. Rob Macaulay at Again, we will continue to encourage students to attend their local school, as we believe that is the best option for the vast majority of students. We hope that you will agree and we look forward to seeing you next week. Looking forward to seeing all our amazing students and families soon. Kirsten Mazur, Principal at Silver Creek Elementary