Happy Summer from Silver Creek Educators!


As the last week of June quickly approaches, teachers and support staff are busy finalizing report cards, gathering materials and organizing for summer school closure. This year has been like no other and it has been tremendously difficult for many of our community members, staff and families. We are grateful for so many things and first of all I wanted to thank all of our teachers and CEA’s who regularly connected with children and families over this period of remote learning. Teachers have had to quickly learn a new way of teaching and reaching out to their students. The feedback from families has been very positive and for some of our students, this connection to school has been a necessity.

Secondly thank you to our parents and guardians who have continued to foster an “educational experience’ for their children even though kids were at home. This has been an enormous job for our parents while, at the same time, working or continuing with all the tasks of managing a home. The experiences and positive connections that  our students experienced during this Covid time may be the silver lining.

Thirdly, thank you to our students who have had to adapt to “new normal” in regards to schooling, connecting to friends and filling in their day. Many of our students have said they really missed school and seeing their friends. Students have shown a strong growth mindset, being able to adapt to change with a positive attitude. This is tough for all of us and we are so proud of our students who found a new way to learn and connect.

It has been an absolute joy to have some of our students back to school in June, approximately 38% of our students returned to school on a full or part time basis. Students were positive and quickly resumed the habit of being a student. Teachers and support staff were overjoyed to see everyone.

We wait to see what September brings as we await direction from the Ministry of Education, the Provincial Health Officer and our School district. The plan for reopening school for September will be shared with our families mid August.

Have a wonderful safe and peaceful summer.

Silver Creek Staff