Health Fair at Silver Creek

Interior Health Public Health nurses are pleased to be teaming up with our school and  School District Healthy Schools Coordinator Laura Paiment  to offer a Health Fair for students  on Monday January 20 in the gym. We will be running demonstrations for each class including information on various health topics such as sip smart (sugary drinks), vaping and smoking, screen smart, digestion demos, hand washing demos and exercise. We are looking for 2 volunteer parents who can help us with this day, please contact Mrs. Mazur if you can help us out. We will begin at 9:50 in the gym.

Parents- Have you heard of the ‘Live 5-2-1-0’ approach to leading a healthy life? It represents the following key points: eating 5 or more fruits/veggies a day, limiting screens to no more than 2 hours daily, exercising at least 1 hour a day, and choosing zero sugary drinks, opting for water instead.  The overall goal of this initiative is to prevent childhood obesity. Learn more about this approach by visiting:  http://www.live5210.caimg_2439